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As one of the leading suppliers of ophthalmic diagnostic solutions, Kowa is committed to the advancement of technological and application focused solutions within today’s ophthalmic clinics. By advancing innovation for health care professionals through the institution of superb imaging technology, practitioners can continue to offer the very best in patient care.


  • 17th Euretina Congress

    Date: 07.09.17-10.09.16

    Booth Number: 136

    We will be pleased to WELCOME you in Barcelona. More Information will follow soon. In the meantime please take a look at www.euretina.org. Read more...
  • XXXV ESCRS in Lisbon


    Booth Number: P204

    See YOU in Lisbon. More Information will come soon. In the meantime pls see www.escrs.org. Read more...
  • 14 th International Ocular Inflammation Society Meeting in Conjunction with SOIE

    Date: 18.10.2017-21.10.2017

    Booth Number: will come soon

    We are pleased to invite you to our booth at the 14th IOIS meeting in Lausanne. It will be a unique gathering of all major ocular inflammation societies with their worldrenowed members as active participating delegates. The program committees will be formulating robust scientific sessions, covering intraocular and extra ocular inflammatory and infectious disorders, including recent advances in ocular imaging, clinical and surgical treatment of recalcitrant ocular inflammations, evolving infectious uveitis entities, as well as current understanding of the underlying pathogenesis of disorders such as age-related macular degerantion and diabectic retinopathy. Please feel free to take a look at our unique laser flare meter. Looking forward to welcome you there! For futher information please take a look at: http://meeting.artegis.com/event/IOIS_2017 Read more...


  • Analysis of the objectively measured disc damage likelihood scale by KOWA nonmydriatic fundus camera

    Published On: 15 12 2015

    The objectively determined DDLS by KOWA Fundus camera performed well compared to MRA, GPS and RNFL analysis. Additionally to HRT and OCT the KOWA Fundus camera appeared to be a reliable and effective tool in the optic disc evaluation in glaucoma.

  • Tear Interferometric Patterns Reflect Clinical Tear Dynamics in Dry Eye Patients

    Published On: 15 08 2016

    Purpose: To investigate whether the tear interferometric pattern was able to identify differences in tear film kinetics among clinical subtypes of dry eye. .
    Conclusions: Tear interferometry was able to reliably distinguish clinical subtypes of dry eye by reflecting the balance between the lipid and aqueous layers of the tear film.Pls download the complete abstract under dry eye monitor, Download.

  • New Study from Department of Ophthalmology University Medicine, Charitè, Campus, Virchow Clinic,

    Published On: 01 02 2016

    To distinguish between preperimetric glaucoma and a variant of the standard optic nerve head (ONH), morphology is probably one of the most difficult decisions in glaucoma diagnostics. Therefore, further study to find the most accurate parameters for early detection and diagnosis of preperimetric glaucoma is needed.
    However, the earliest detectable manifestation of glaucoma seems to be the structural abnormality of the ONH and retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL). The aim of this study was to assess the correlation of the RNFL (SD-OCT), coefficients of the HRT3, and the DDLS in preperimetric glaucoma. In this study, the DDLS was objectively measured by the KOWA nonmyd WX 3D fundus camera (2D/3W nonmydriatic retinal camera;Kowa Company Ltd. Tokyo, Japan). Please click here to download the complete study.

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